Create shortcuts on the desktop, quicklaunch bar or start menu.


Add_Shortcut,[Type],[StartMenuFolder],[FullFileName],[Title],[Work Folder],

Parameters ( * not supported by Vista / Win7 )

1 Type Define the type of shortcut
Desktop - Place an icon on the desktop
StartMenu - Place an icon in the StartMenu\Programs (default value)
QuickLaunch - Add an icon to the Quick Launch bar
SendTo*- Add an icon on the right-click menu "Send To"
AutoStart or AutoRun - Place an icon in the StartMenu\Programs\AutoStart
EditWith - Add an icon on the right-click menu "Edit With %ProgramExe%"
Accessories* - Place an icon in the StartMenu\Programs\Accessories
AdministrativeTools* - Place an icon in the StartMenu\Programs\Administrative Tools
SystemTools* - Place an icon in the StartMenu\Programs\Accessories\System Tools
StartMenuRoot - Place an icon in the StartMenu Root
2 StartMenuFolder Fill this value if you want to force the shortcut to be placed on a specific folder (let it empty for use the script foldername)
3 FullFileName This switch is used if you want to create a shortcut different of %ProgramExe% (No need to give path if File is in same folder as %ProgramExe%)
(default value = %Pe_Programs%\%ProgramFolder%\%ProgramExe%)
4 Title Set your own title for this shortcut (default value = %ProgramTitle%)
5 Work Folder* Decide in which folder should start the program (default value = same Folder as the program set in parameter 3)
6 Parameters If you want to launch the program with command line parameters, write them here
7 IconFile Specify which icon to use on the shortcut. (No need to give path if IconFile is in same folder as the program set in parameter 3)
(Path\) IconFile - for icon type .ico or .exe
(Path\) IconFile#$cIndex* - for icon type .dll or .exe (simply add #$c between IconFile and Index)
8 StartMode Optional value to set how the window of the launched program should be.
1 - Show
2 - Show_Minimized (program will start minimized)
3 - Show_Maximized (program will start maximized)
9 ToolTipText* Text to display when cursor is on the icon of the program



If you want place an icon in StartMenu\Programs without subfolder use a point (.) as parameter 2


is same as



For a script called Test.script, located in folder Apps\CD\ProgTest\ like this :



you can add a shortcut called Test in StartMenu\Programs\CD\ProgTest for the executable Program Files\AppTest\Prog.exe by using:




To use icon Icon.ico from same folder as the %ProgramExe%, use


or to use icon from I386\sytem32\shell32.dll with index 27, use