_ Calculate

Execute an AutoIT command that returns a value.


_Calculate,AutoIT Command(expression),ReturnVar


1 AutoIt Command(expression) AutoIt command to execute
2 ReturnVar This is the name of the variable to receive the return value of the AutoIt command. It must be specified without the %


This command uses a program called sCalculate to execute the AutoIt command. This program will be automatically downloaded to the winbuilder tools directory if it does not exist.



This will show a simple message box with Abort / Retry / Ignore buttons for 5 seconds

_Calculate,MsgBox(2#$c'Test Calculate'#$c'Choice:'#$c5),Choice

This will display an input box to ask the user to enter a string.

_Calculate,InputBox('Question'#$c 'Where were you born?'#$c 'Planet Earth'#$c ''#$c -1#$c -1#$c -1#$c -1),Answer