Copy files from Install CD's where a file can be present either in normal or compressed format.


CopyOrExpand,<FileToCopyOrExpand>,<DestinationFolderOrFilename>[,PRESERVE, NOWARN]


Compressed files often use the cabinet archiving method and usually have an identifiable character as the last character of their extensions. (e.g. myFile.Tx_ ). Windows XP often uses this method to compress files on the install CD.

DestinationFolderOrFilename means that you can either specify a folder where this file will be placed with the original (expanded) filename or new filename that you prefer.


In this example CopyOrExpand will first try to find a file c:\MyPath\myTextFile.txt and if it is not found then it will look for c:\MyPath\myTextFile.tx_ and expand this file if successfully found.