Copy source file(s) to a specified destination.




1 FromFile The file to copy. Wildcards (*.*) are allowed.
2 ToPath The destination path. It may be just a directory, and if so, the file name will be preserved. If a filename is specified as a part of the destination, the file will be renamed. If the file exists in the target directory it will be overwritten and a warning will be written to the log.
- PRESERVE (Optional) Do not overwrite existing files. A warning will be written to the log.
- NOWARN (Optional) Do not write a warning message to the log if the file exists.
- SHOW (Optional) When using wildcards the progress bar shows single file processing, and the actual copied file name is shown.
- NOREC (Optional) When using wildcards only files in the initial folder will be copied, sub-directories will be ignored.



In this example FileCopy will copy all text files (*.txt ) from MyPath and it's subdirectories to AnotherPath (using the C: drive)