Asks the user a question, and uses their response to determine if the command should be executed. Note: all strings defined in the language files can be used like variables, identified by their ID number $#nnnn.




Usually the question dialog waits for the user's input. Using these optional parameters, you can cause to close it after a timeout ( and supply a default response), by adding the timeout (in seconds) and a default Value (True/False) as optional arguments before the command. If they are specified, BOTH the timeout value (seconds) and default value when the timeout occurs must be specified.

If,QUESTION,"Exit Script?",10,TRUE,Exit,"Exit selected"



Here, we are using an internal string to display a question (The question mark is part of the TEXT, not part of the ID!). The resulting dialog box shows in case of default language (English):

Save changes to disk?

In case of e.g. italian language:

Salva cambiamenti al disco?