Read the value of an interface element from a different script than the currently executing one.

WARNING! May not be correctly documented




1 %VarResult% Variable used to receive the value of the interface element
2 FileName Relative path to script file containing interface which is being accessed
3 ComponentName Name of interface element being accessed
4 Position Optional value specifying the position in the element from which the data will be accessed. It you do not specify this option the "value" of the element will be read.
5 Interface Optional value specifying the interface section inside the script. This option allows you to read elements from scripts having multiple interfaces.


Read the value of the pTextBox1 textbox from the Hijackthis script to a variable named %Result%


Read the value of the pTest_TextBox1 textbox from the Hijackthis script to a variable named %Result%. In this case the textbox is on an interface called Interface-2 and we want to read if the textbox is visible. We check by reading position 2.