Certain aspects of WinBuilder's exe are stored or can be controlled using variables and values found in the WinBuilder.ini file. These settings may appear in any order, but are grouped below based on their functionality. Unless otherwise noted, ALL settings are store in the [MAIN] section of the INI file.

General Appearance / Information

X Stores the Left side coordinate used to create the WinBuilder window. It is updated when exiting WinBuilder
XX Stores the Width used to create the WinBuilder window. It is updated when exiting WinBuilder
Y Stores the Top coordinates used to create the WinBuilder window. It is updated when exiting WinBuilder
YY Stores the Height used to create the WinBuilder window. It is updated when exiting WinBuilder
SP Sets the Width of the script tree pane inside the Main Window. It is updated when exiting WinBuilder
InterfaceGrid Sets the number of pixels used for the Grid inside the interface editor. Set this to 0 if no grid is desired
Last_Project Name of the last project used by WinBuilder. It is updated when exiting WinBuilder
Enable_CodeBox Set this to True to show the "CodeBox" option on the main window. Can also be managed using the Advanced setting on the "Tools" Tab
Enable_RefreshButton Set this to True to show the "Refresh" option on the main window. Can also be managed using the Advanced setting on the "Tools" Tab
Language Language of the string translation file(%Tools%\Language\????.txt) See also Language Support
FileVersion Contains the version of the WinBuilder.exe last used
RunExternal HAVE NO IDEA

Network Settings

The following are global network settings.
DisableNetwork If set to 1 will disable the network, which switches the download functionality generally off. When set to 0 or not supplied, the network is enabled
WebCheckDomain Winbuilder will query this domain to determine if web access is available.
AskForDownload Ask user before downloading any file requested by scripts via the WebGet or WebGetIfNotExist commands.
UseTimeout If AskForDownload is specified continue with download after this timeout period.
ValueTimeout Sets the Timeout value in seconds.

The following settings are stored under the [Proxy] section. As the login information is encrypted you should only configure these setting from inside the winbuilder download center.
useHTTPProxy Use web proxy (True/False)
HTTPhost Host address for web proxy
HTTPport Port number of web proxy
HTTPuser Encrypted User Name for web proxy
HTTPpwd Encrypted Password for web proxy
HTTPRFC2617 Use Basic Authentication for web proxy (True/False)
useFTPProxy Use FTP proxy (True/False)
FTPhost Host address for FTP proxy
FTPport Port number of FTP proxy
FTPuser Encrypted User Name for FTP proxy
FTPpwd Encrypted Password for FTP proxy
FTPRFC2617 Use Basic Authentication for FTP proxy (True/False)
DNS DNS Server
PingType Ping Type (0=ICMP 1=HTTP - use if your firewall blocks ICMP)

Download Center

These settings control the web sites listed in the download center. See this page for more information, including how to use the included interface to manage the list of servers being used The following are used to control download center preferences.
WebServer A comma separated list of all the servers you may check for updates.
WebServer_Selected A list of the servers actually selected for download processing
Last_Download_Level Last level used in download center (0=minimum 1= recommended 2=complete 3=beta)
DN Sets the Width of the script tree in Download Window
Allow_Beta Allow use of the beta level download (i.e. level 3)
AutoDownloadTree Rebuild the download tree only when the user clicks on the green arrow (i.e. a value of True makes green arrow visible)
StopDownloadTree Allows user to interupt a build of the download tree (i.e. a value of 1 makes the red stop square visible)
RenameCurrent If set to True, WinBuilder will rename an existing (i.e. current) script file rather than overwrite it. If set to False (or not specified), WinBuilder will overwrite any existing script when downloading new content

General Behaviour

ErrorStop If set to True, WinBuilder will stop the build when an error occurs.
ExtractWarn During script processing, warn when extracting an attached file will overwrite an existing one
OneCore When WinBuilder runs on a multicore system, use only one core. Can also be managed using the Advanced setting on the "Tools" Tab
ParameterCount When processing, check script command parameter counts.
SourceIndenting Indent source code for better readabilty
!Autosave Autosave edited interface / souce code (0=On 1=Off 2=Ask)

Register Extensions

RegisterExtensionsWith Register WinBuilder extentions (i.e. *.script) to an external editor.
RegisterExtensionsDouble Set the Double click syntax
RegisterExtensionsRight Set the Right click syntax

Log File Options

ForceWarning Switches "Debug Log" on / off
VerboseWarning Shows more warnings in Debug Log
LastLog Path of active log.html
LogAuto Show log after build, even if it is error-free
LogComment Show / suppress comments in source code
LogEnglish Generate English log file, independent of String translation language
LogOriginal Add original script lines to log
LogStop Generate log.html when user clicked the blue "Stop" button
LogTimeStamp Add time stamp to file name generated - otherwise, file is just named "log.html"
!noIconLog Put strings ( i.e. "[Success]" etc.) into logs rather than using pointers to icons
!noTimeOutput Do not output time in log (This can make it easier to compare two different log files)
SyntaxWarn Produce a Warning on unresolved (misspelled) commands
ShowVariables Add a list of variables to top of log - default is "True"
ViewLogInBrowser Automatically show log in browser after generating log.html


These settings are stored in the [Custom] section of the .ini file and allow you to "Brand" Winbuilder for your project.
Title This text will be added to the Winbuilder title bar
Logo Path to an image file (gif/jpg/bmp) that will be used in place of the Winbuilder logo on the main screen.

Syntax Highlighting

You can configure the syntax highlighting of winbuilders internal code editor to a user defined color theme. At this time only styles and colors may be changed. You can not define commands or categories to be highlighted.

You may configure the following properties:


Configuration is defined by a series of keywords seperated by the pipe | operator.

Foreground:<color>|Background:<color>|Style:<font style>

Font Style

Value Description
fsItalic Italics
fsBold Bold
fsUnderline Underline
fsStrikeOut StrikeOut

You may specify multiple font styles by using a bracketed comma separated list.

Example: Style:[fsBold,fsItalic]


Both Foreground and Background color can be configured using the following color table.

Value Description Value Description
clAqua Aqua clBlack Black
clBlue Blue clCream Cream
clDkGray Dark Gray clFuchsia Fuchsia
clGray Gray clGreen Green
clLime Lime clLtGray Light Gray
clMaroon Maroon clMedGray Medium Gray
clMoneyGreen Money Green clNavy Navy
clOlive Olive clPurple Purple
clRed Red clSilver Silver
clSkyBlue Sky Blue clTeal Teal
clWhite White clYellow Yellow

Example 1 - Only Define Foreground Color:


Example 2 - Define both Foreground and Background color:


Syntax Groups

Syntax highlighting is separated into groups, with each group having its own style. The following groups are defined internally by winbuilder. Currently you can not change these groups or define new ones.
Comment Script comments starting with // or ##
String Strings enclosed in quotes
Variable script Variables
Number Numbers
CommandItems Internal commands
IfCommandItems Conditional commands
StrFormatItems String Format sub commands
SystemCommandItems System commands
OtherItems Other command items
BooleanItems Boolean Operatiors
Params Command parameters
Escapes Escape characters