Reporting Bugs

WinBuilder is a tool in progress and there are always bugs being reported and properly solved, we always appreciate your feedback and reports in case a bug is found.

Bugs can be divided in two types:

  1. Core WinBuilder - Visit the forum for Winbuilder and check if you're using the latest version. It's always good to use the latest versions since they contain several improvements at each time a new version is released. If you still have an issue, please enter a posting detailing the issue.
  2. Project related - Each project also has a specific forum where all related issues and fixes can be found, please visit the respective forum page of your project and post details about the issue there.

In both cases, when reporting for a bug it is recommended that your search the forums to check if any other person has already posted a similar report and post a comment in the respective thread. Your feedback will help others who may be able to assist in quickly finding a solution.