Syntax Rules and Escape Characters

First some rules:

  1. WinBuilder Script Line Parameters are separated by a comma. If a comma is inside an argument, it must be 'escaped' by #$c
  2. Besides some special cases (e.g. parameters in ShellExecute ) generally enclosing quotes are not needed.
  3. Enclosing quotes MUST be used if the WinBuilder Script Line Parameters contain spaces.

Since there are times when the comma or quote need to be used inside a string or parameter, WinBuilder has a character escape mechanisim. The following are the available escape characters:

Here is a short explanation of what can be done and what cannot be done and when the escaped characters should be used.

But sometimes that can bring unexpected results. Let me give an Example:

Item1,item2 is understood as two items, separated by the comma. Item1#$citem2 and "Item1,item2" are both correctly written as ONE item with the comma inside.

Now the problem occurs when it is not possible to determine what is meant. For example, Set,%Var%,"Item1","item2" cannot be understood uniquely by WinBuilder?. Let's exchange the English understandable words by the character 'x'


You see how important it is to follow the rules, even if WinBuilder understands most violations correctly.