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RemapDrives WinBuilder Script

This is a winbuilder script to install my RemapDrives utility which will scan the hard drives looking for a windows installation and assuming one is found map the drive letters in PE to match that windows installation. If more than one installation is found it will show a list and request one to be chosen.

Whichever windows installation is chosen will be written to the TARGET_ROOT system environment variable in the registry. It will broadcast a reload environment request. This may or may not be processed by the current shell. As it is recommended that the drive remapping is done before explorer is started then a separate utility, ReloadEnv, is also included to broadcast the reload environment request. This should be executed by whatever is the current shell. Note not all shells support the environment reload.

When used in a 64 bit PE requires my Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Runtimes Script to be also included.

The program is called as follows:

RemapDrives  {/i <Index}  {/t <Timeout>} {/w <windows>} {/x <DriveLetter>} .. {/x <DriveLetter>}


<Timeout> - If multiple windows installations are found then this is the timeout in seconds before the selection dialog is closed. Cancel will be autoselected if no default index is specified by the /i parameter

<Index> - If multiple windows are found then this specifies the index of the item in the list of windows installations that will be automatically selected when the timeout expires.

<windows> - Path to target windows directory. Used if the remote windows installation has been selected prior to calling remapdrives.

<DriveLetter> - This specifies any additional drive letters other than the boot drive to exclude from being remapped. Normally this would be used for drive letter Y: which has already been remapped from the boot media when in ram booting is used.

The /x parameter can be repeated for every drive which is to be excluded.

Note: there must be a space between the parameter and its value for the command line parameters.