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Paraglider WinBuilder WBZipMgr Utility

This is a .NET utility to manage Winbuilder script file attachments.

It is called as follows:

WBZipMgr {<script_file>} {<Folder>} {<FileToAdd>}

The three parameters are optional. If launched without any parameters it will default to showing the script files that were loaded the last time the program was run.

<script_file> : Full path to a script file. If this parameter is the only parameter then the program will run showing just this specified script file.

<Folder>: Folder to create in the script file.

<FileToAdd> : Full path to a file to be compressed and added as an attachment to the script file in the specified folder. If the file already exists in the script then it will be replaced with this new version. If all three command line parameters are specified then the attachment will be added and the program will exit without showing the gui.

Example usage:

WBZipMgr c:\winbuilder\Projects\Paraglider\RunScanner.script Folder c:\Runscanner.exe

If the program is run in GUI mode i.e. started with zero, one or two command line parameters then this is what you will see:

A new script can be added from the GUI by:

  • Dragging a file from a file manager like explorer to the Script File text box
  • Selecting the Select File button and browsing to a script file using the dialog that is displayed.

Once a script file has been added to the GUI then actions can be performed on the script by right clicking with the mouse on the three types of node to show a popup context menu:

  • A top level script file node. If the script file has an associated logo in an AuthorEmbedded section then this will be displayed as an image for the node. Otherwise a generic icon will be used ( same as folder node ).
  • A folder node
  • A file attachment node

A script node has the following context menu:

A folder node has the following context menu:

A file can be added to a folder either by selecting 'Add File' from the folder context menu or by dragging a file from a file manager like explorer and dropping it onto a folder or a file attachment node in wbzipmgr.

A file attachment node has the following context menu: