Graphical Interface

General description

The Interface section contains one ore more single lines describing the components shown in the WinBuilder window. It is driven from the contents of the [Interface] section of the script - UNLESS over-ridden by a setting in the [Main] section of the script.

The format of any individual line follows the basic form of any other INI file:


<name> is generated by WinBuilder when using the Interface Editor and contains the component type and an enumeration number. The <name> can be changed by the script author individually using the script editor if desired.

<content> contains one or more fields, separated by commas. The contents and number of fields will depend on the type of component being described. If any field contains a space, it is enclosed in quotes, or may be represented by the appropriate character sequence .

Component Types

There are 15 different types, internally represented by a number between 0 and 14. They are:

1 This capability wasn't implemented due to a lack of perceived value. See this post for more information

Component description

These first 7 fields are common to all implemented components:

  1. A Text field that contains the following:
  2. Component Visibility (1=shown, 0=hidden)
  3. Type of component (see above)
  4. x-coordinate of component upper left
  5. y-coordinate of component upper left
  6. width of the component
  7. height of the component

Fields 8 and higher (if present) depend on the component type:

2 The cmpCheckList function will display whatever is listed in the particular section up to an "=" sign, which is then followed by a either a 1 or a 0 (checked/unchecked). This status value can be retrieved using the existing "INI" file capability of WinBuilder. See this post for more information and a sample "test" script.

Added in WinBuilder 077 RC 2

Two additional (and optional) fields were added:

  1. The cmpCheckBox, cmpRadioButton and cmpButton now support an optional parameter that will <Show progress window when running>. Its value should be set to True or False.
  2. All components now support optional Tooltips as the last field. This field starts with a double underscore __ as marker. When added, it will generate a "tool-tip" that will be displayed if the mouse hovers over the object.
  3. cmdRadioGroup now supports two optional parameters <Section to run>,<Show progress window when running> where last parameter is True of False. Both parameters or neither must be specified.


This example code has two pages of interface, and a button that toggles between them (i.e. causes code to be executed)

pCheckBox_PeShell="Set as default shell in PE Shell",1,3,17,11,173,23,True
pTextLabel10="New PE start menu",1,1,17,39,114,18,8,Bold
pCheckBox_StartMenu=" Enable PE Start Menu                 (experimental, search, not working)",1,3,17,60,201,33,True
pTextLabel11="Number of programs in new start menu",1,1,22,96,197,18,8,Normal
pTextLabel12="Number of programs in new Jump List",1,1,22,125,196,18,8,Normal
pTextLabel20="Desktop Icons",1,1,291,39,90,18,8,Bold
pScrollBox21="Classic (small)",1,4,375,60,108,21,Standard,"Classic (small)","Very small"
pScrollBox22=Standard,1,4,375,85,108,21,Standard,"Custom (in Source)"
pCheckBox21="Use small icons in Menu",1,3,292,135,148,18,True
pCheckBox22="Enable Computer-Shortcut",1,3,292,153,162,18,True
pCheckBox23="Enable Recycle Bin",1,3,292,171,122,18,True
pCheckBox24="Remove Arrows from Shortcuts",1,3,292,189,178,18,False
ptaskbarbutton="taskbar button",1,14,284,222,213,73,"Always combine, hide labels","Combine when taskbar is full","Never combine",1
pTextLabel_SC="Explorer Shortcuts",1,1,17,156,125,20,8,Bold
pCheckBox_DT="Desktop shortcut",1,3,17,179,155,18,True
pCheckBox_QL="Quicklaunch shortcut",1,3,17,197,122,18,True
pCheckBox_SM="Start menu shortcut",1,3,17,215,122,18,True
pTextBox_SMF="Start Menu folder (.. for root)",1,0,20,251,138,21,..
pCheckBox51="Use small icons in taskbar",1,3,292,324,142,18,True
pCheckBox52="Autohide Taskbar",1,3,292,343,115,18,False
pCheckBox53="Lock the taskbar",1,3,292,361,109,18,False
pCheckBox54="Disable Preview Desktop",1,3,292,379,154,18,False
pCheckBox55="Last active click selection in taskbar",1,3,292,397,194,18,True
pCheckBox56="Show all tray icons",1,3,292,416,120,18,True
pTextLabel40="Command Prompt",1,1,18,281,125,18,8,Bold
pTextBox41="Start Menu folder",1,0,20,319,170,21,Accessories
pTextBox42=Name,1,0,20,357,170,21,"Command Prompt"
Shutdown_Box="Enable ShutDown Button (x86 only)",1,3,17,403,210,18,False,Select_Shutdown_Box,True,_Select_Shutdown_Box_,True
pButton1="Additional Options",1,8,10,433,120,32,AdditionalOptions,0,True,_AdditionalOptions_,True

pTextLabel100="Explorer Additional Options ",1,1,12,3,182,20,9,Bold
pCheckBox101="enable Security-Tab",1,3,17,40,170,18,True
pCheckBox102="ISO Date-Time Format",1,3,17,58,170,18,True
pCheckBox103="Enable Previous version Tab ",1,3,17,76,170,18,True
pCheckBox104="Enable Sharing-tab",1,3,17,94,170,18,True
pCheckBox105="add File-Attributes Column",1,3,17,112,170,18,True
pCheckBox106="Add Encryption(* Beta)",1,3,17,130,153,18,False
pTextLabel110="Explorer Setting",1,1,20,160,105,18,8,Bold
pCheckBox110="Show Menu bar",1,3,17,180,104,18,True
pCheckBox111="Show all folders",1,3,17,198,104,18,True
pCheckBox112="Automatically expand to current folder",1,3,17,216,222,18,True
pCheckBox113="Add Recycle Bin to My Computer",1,3,17,234,200,18,True
pCheckBox114="Add Run to My Computer",1,3,17,252,159,17,True
pCheckBox115="Add Administrative Tools to My Computer",1,3,17,270,235,18,True
pCheckBox116="Add Control Panel to My Computer",1,3,17,288,200,18,True
pTextLabel120="Start Menu Icons",1,1,293,20,101,18,8,Bold
pCheckBox120="Show Run",1,3,292,40,77,18,True
pCheckBox121="Show My Computer",1,3,292,58,117,18,True
pCheckBox122="Show Control Panel",1,3,292,76,119,18,True
pCheckBox123="Show Admin Tools",1,3,292,94,114,18,True
pCheckBox124="Show NetPlaces",1,3,292,112,99,18,True
pCheckBox125="Show Favorites",1,3,292,130,98,18,True
pButton2="Main Options",1,8,284,176,120,32,MainOptions,0,True,_MainOptions_,True

//Write or update an entry in the [main] section to set a new interface


This would result in the following two pages being displayed by WinBuilder

Known issues

If you change a script containing WB 077 features with WinBuilder 076 or lower, the features are lost!